Strategic Informatics Group (SIG)

Oncology care insights that lead to better outcomes

At Biologics, we use every available tool to improve oncology outcomes. One of our most powerful tools is data: information that leads to insights that help payors, biopharma companies, researchers and providers make smarter decisions that ultimately benefit patients.

Our dedicated strategic informatics team includes healthcare informatics experts, statistical analysts and specialized program report writers who develop customized reports that deliver the facts you need. We can provide both quantitative and qualitative reporting on:

  • Benchmark data analysis to assess unique population needs.
  • Medical and pharmacy benefit trends.
  • Utilization trends.
  • Outcomes.
  • Return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to operational performance.
  • Pre-approval trials and post-market drug launches.

Depending on your needs, our robust informatics reporting includes patient- and aggregate-level details. We can deliver reports as often as every day or upon request as needed.

Our team captures and maintains HL7-compliant electronic medical records that allow you to audit our performance based on patient care and utilization, drug delivery metrics, assessments and interventions, cost avoidance and outcomes. We can also quantify our performance through return on investment and key performance indicators that tie to claims utilization data.