Neurology Services

Delivering elevated care to neurology patients

To support patients battling neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, Biologics has applied the same principles we’ve learned through over 20 years of dedicated oncology experience to the neurology space. Across all complex conditions our core focus is the the same: to support healthcare providers in ensuring their patients have the medication and guidance they need to stay on track with their treatment plan.

Excellent clinical care for patients

Our approach to patient care is rooted in customization and flexibility, meeting patients wherever they are in their treatment journey.

Our multidisciplinary care team includes both:

  • Clinical staff who specialize in neurology
  • Specialists in patient access services including benefits verification, prior authorization and financial assistance.

Hands-on support for the practice

We relieve the administrative burden associated with referrals for specialty medication. With each new script, we work with you and your patients to navigate benefits investigation and if needed, secure financial assistance.

We also provide courtesy warm transfer services to ensure that even if Biologics is out of network and can’t fill your script, we’ll find a pharmacy that can. We’ll transfer the prescription and all supporting documents to the dispensing pharmacy and notify your office via phone and fax.