Our Values

Our Values

The beliefs that define us

At Biologics, we know that cancer care can be changed for the better. This belief shapes our corporate values: the characteristics we prize and work hard to exemplify.

As we work to reshape cancer care, we strive to be:

Collaborative. Even when we’re working independently, we know we’re part of a larger team pursuing a single goal. We value flexibility and entrepreneurial thinking to bring new ideas to our service and solutions.

Driven. Zealous about our work, we won’t settle for anything less than our best effort. We will move heaven and earth to help a colleague, patient or a customer. We are fiercely determined to serve patients with compassion and excellence.

Personal. We believe cancer does not define a person and we treat each patient as the unique individual they are. We draw on the common bonds that make us all human as we affirm, reassure and support patients through the challenges of cancer.

People-Centered. Everything we do and every decision we make is aimed at delivering care with the patient’s best interests at heart. When we do that, all other matters fall into place.

Humble. It is our privilege to serve patients who are facing such a monumental challenge and the doctors who are treating them. While we bring specific expertise to our jobs, we offer our talents to help the real heroes: the patients.

Optimistic.  We hold out real hope for patients who may not see any possibilities. Even in the face of cancer, we believe in laughter, second chances and perseverance. We’re positive there’s a better way to align all stakeholders behind the mission of serving the patient.