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In our monthly publication, Oncology Today, we discuss issues relevant to your practice — from prescribing cancer therapeutics to new treatments in the drug pipeline. We distribute Oncology Today to clinicians throughout the U.S. You can access issues below. You can also provide your email address to receive new issues in your inbox.

August 2017: Oncology and the Specialty Pharmacy Marketplace

This month, the Biologics team was pleased to participate in CBI’s Specialty Pharmacy Network Design Summit, where leaders from many areas of the healthcare landscape including biopharma, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), specialty pharmacies, and payors, came together to discuss strategies and key challenges for designing specialty networks that deliver the best possible care to patients.… Read More

July 2017: Tips to Streamline & Manage Your Oral Oncolytic Referrals

When you prescribe an oral oncolytic therapy, timely fulfillment is critical to connecting your patient with the care they need. A specialty pharmacy can support your practice by eliminating the guesswork associated with the fulfillment process and delivering faster access to treatment for your patient. Before you send your next referral for oral oncology therapy,… Read More

June 2017: Providers and Patients Face Barriers when Discussing Cost of Treatment

Many cancer patients experience financial hardships when going through treatment. Even with insurance, the copay and out-of-pocket costs for medications can be hard to manage. Due to financial strain, an estimated 10% to 20% of patients skip medication refills, don’t take all of their medication, or otherwise compromise their treatment.1 Do you, as a healthcar… Read More

May 2017: Mitigating Access Challenges for New Oncology Therapies

The first half of 2017 has brought five new oral oncology therapies to the market, providing much-needed new treatment options for patients and their care team. As exciting as it is to have a new therapy available, you and your patients have undoubtedly experienced the access challenges that can occur during a new drug’s first… Read More

April 2017: Treatment Options for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

At Biologics, we strive to do more than just fill prescriptions. We provide high-touch, individualized care to support your patients’ clinical, financial and emotional needs throughout their treatment journey – while offering you a flexible specialty pharmacy solution to meet your practice needs. Our team is also committed to remaining oncology experts in the evolving… Read More

March 2017: Understanding Insurance Coverage for Oral Oncology Drugs

Understanding insurance coverage in the most basic healthcare setting can be a challenge, so trying to navigate insurance for a cancer patient who is taking complex and expensive drugs can be next to impossible. As a care provider, you have undoubtedly experienced the frustration of trying to get drugs to your patient in a timely… Read More

February 2017: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Customized Clinical Care

To support your practice and patients, we believe it’s becoming increasingly important for specialty pharmacies to play a role in clinical care for oncology patients – driving adherence, providing counseling, and supporting your treatment plans and goals. Many providers are now looking to specialty pharmacies to be an extension of their care team, requiring t… Read More

January 2017: Biologics’ New Specialty Pharmacy Model Meets the Evolving Needs of Oncology Practices

By Dan Duffy, VP/GM, Biologics Oncology Pharmacy, McKesson Specialty Health With many new oral oncolytics recently on the market and many more in the pipeline, ensuring that patients can gain access to promising new therapies is becoming an increasing challenge for oncology practices. In 2015, nine oral cancer drugs were approved by the FDA,1 and… Read More

December 2016 | Tips for Providers: Help Your Patients Navigate Year-end Insurance Challenges

Like you, Biologics is keenly aware of the challenges many patients face around the New Year. New insurance plans, high deductibles and financial assistance needs are just some of the tasks that patients and their care team must navigate, and coordinating all of these aspects of care can be daunting. We’ve summarized the following challenges… Read More

November 2016: Secondary mutation testing for EGFR NSCLC patients after relapse

Many patients relapse after initial treatment for EGFR-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Before continuing the same treatment or trying a second-line therapy, it’s important to test for additional mutations that may have developed during initial treatment. The T790M mutation is the most common mutation of resistance, occurring in 63% of EGFR NSCLC patients who… Read More