For Healthcare Providers: Offering Integrated Oncology Support

For Healthcare Providers

From specialty pharmacy services to patient access and adherence, we are your ally for quality care

For nearly two decades, Biologics has provided integrated oncology support for healthcare providers in all 50 states and Canada. By helping coordinate care and placing your patient at the center of every decision, we serve as an extension of your team, working with you to improve health outcomes.

Through patient access, oncology pharmacy and care integration services, we can:

  • Reduce administrative burdens by investigating benefits and managing prior authorizations to speed your patients’ path to treatment.
  • Pursue financial assistance for patients in need to remove barriers to care.
  • Encourage patient adherence through customized case management.
  • Reduce gaps in care, so patients don’t lose ground in their fight.
  • Help prevent service duplication and errors that could cost patients time and money.
  • Provide access to limited- and exclusive-distribution drugs, thanks to our integrated specialty pharmacy services.
  • Facilitate 360-degree communication among every professional who plays a role in patient care.
  • Support REMS programs that ensure patient safety.

Specializing in cancer care alignment

Given the fragmented nature of oncology care today, treating cancer is a challenge on every front. While you’re focused on your patient’s treatment, we handle the rest. We believe in integrated oncology services, so we’re bringing cancer care into alignment by:

  • Creating an oncology support team for patients. We connect them with our primary oncology nurses who encourage patient adherence and answer their questions.
  • Streamlining pre-treatment documentation.
  • Developing programs that foster active communication between you and payors, pharmacists and others who are integral to the treatment process.
  • Providing specialty pharmacy services to ensure the on-time arrival of critical oral and self-administered therapeutics.

Our team, your peers

You know better than anyone the complicated nature of cancer. We’re helping address that complexity with an oncology-specific service model. We can offer deep expertise — to patients and to the healthcare professionals who serve them.

  • Our team includes MDs, PhDs, board-certified oncology pharmacists, board-certified oncology nurses and other experienced professionals — all of whom understand the unique challenges you face.
  • Our support staff includes patient access specialists, logistics experts, certified coders, distribution managers and field-based oncology nurse liaisons who directly support your efforts.
  • Our Oncology Board of Advisors includes researchers, academicians and national thought leaders with cancer care expertise.
  • Our peer review committee represents all oncology subspecialties.
  • Our relationships include oncology physicians and research leaders in all 50 states.