Strategic Market Solutions

Strategic Market Solutions

Developing custom programs to address your challenges, from drug commercialization to patient compliance

Everyone involved in treating patients with a complex condition is looking for new, more effective ways to overcome obstacles and improve patient outcomes. Whether you’re a biopharma company looking to streamline drug commercialization, a clinical researcher in need of better outcome reporting, or a payer concerned with patient compliance, we offer strategic market solutions that address your most pressing concerns.

Drawing on our extensive understanding of every aspect of the oncology care market, we create unique programs matched to your specific needs. But we don’t just consult with you — we also have the resources and expertise to implement the solutions we develop.

Our solutions are specialized and targeted for the full spectrum of oncology stakeholders. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of solutions clients come to us for.

  • Drug commercialization planning to address distribution, market access and patient compliance.
  • Outsourced pharmacy to give greater control over pharmacy services, including investigational and patient assistance programs.
  • Adaptive protocol-specific configuration to maximize efficiencies and accountability for clinical research.
  • Investigational drug import and export service setup to streamline and simplify clinical trials.
  • Creative launch programs to minimize waste and maximize patient access to treatment.
  • Customized outcome reporting to ensure that the right patients receive the right treatments.
  • Development of pharmacy and medical management programs, from diagnosis through transitional care.