For Biopharma: Supporting the Therapies that Improve Oncology Outcomes

For Biopharma

Expand your oncology market access to reach and help treat more patients

To serve the Biopharma community, the therapies it offers and the oncology patients it assists, we offer customized strategic market solutions. These solutions, which include product launch strategies and patient management, expand your oncology market access so your products can have greater impact on oncology outcomes.

Because we recognize the demanding nature of oncology drug development and utilization, we offer pre- and post-market services to help you reach more patients — and to help your patients adhere to their treatment regimens.

Those services include:

  • Consulting services to help you develop product launch strategies, distribution plans and more.
  • Innovative, disease-specific patient management programs to promote drug utilization compliance and adherence.
  • Prior authorization support to help ensure patient access to medications.
  • Oncology pharmacy services. We dispense specialty oncology prescriptions daily to patients in all 50 states and the U.S. territories, through our commercial, investigational and patient assistance pharmacy services.
  • Patient access services to investigate benefits, manage prior authorizations, remove barriers to treatment and make drugs more accessible.
  • In-depth drug counseling and pharmacist-developed care plans to improve oncology outcomes.
  • Reporting and analytics to offer insight on a brand’s post-market performance.
  • Timely market feedback and updates to keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with oncology healthcare professionals across the U.S. and U.S. territories. These relationships help us increase patient access for our biopharma clients.

Benefit from our deep oncology expertise

Cancer is complicated and the treatment process is just as complex. This calls for a specialized approach, so we focus on full-solution oncology services, offering deep expertise in every aspect of cancer care.

  • Our medical team includes highly skilled healthcare professionals, from MDs, PhDs, PharmDs and board-certified oncology pharmacists to oncology-certified nurses, RNs and certified pharmacy technicians.
  • Our support staff is made up of patient access specialists, logistics experts, certified coders, distribution managers and field-based oncology nurse liaisons.
  • Our Oncology Board of Advisors is a combination of researchers, academicians and national thought leaders with cancer care expertise.
  • Our peer review committee represents all oncology subspecialties.
  • Our relationships include oncology physicians and research leaders in all 50 states, plus the U.S. territories.

Because we focus only on oncology therapeutics and solutions, we have a strong understanding of the market — and the agility to respond to its changing demands.

A patient-focused approach

Every day, the Biologics team stands behind you as you bring critical cancer treatments to patients who need them, and that commitment elevates the quality of our work. In everything we do, we’re driven by one goal: better results for patients.