Clinical Therapeutic Intelligence Report – 2014 Mid-Year Review

Biologics’ mid-year report provides a comprehensive look into the specialty pharmacy landscape and current trends. Within oncology specifically, the FDA has approved 3 new therapies and 4 new indications for therapies currently in market to date in 2014.
In addition to providing a thorough breakdown of current oncology therapies approved this year, the report will also focus on the clinical, financial and emotional implications the current drug landscape has on oncology patients to date.

Specialty drugs dominate FDA approvals

Clinical trials involving specialty drugs continue to emerge along the pipeline as there is an increased desire for directed therapy.

Drug approvals in recent years have revealed a transforming pharmaceutical environment, shifting away from traditional drug therapies to a steady trend of complex specialty treatments for chronic diseases such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C and HIV.

According to a report on medical cost trends by PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute, 21% of the new drugs approved by the FDA in 2005 were specialty drugs. That percentage jumped to more than 50% of new drugs as specialty treatments in 2012, and the number is expected to reach 60% in 2014.

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