Clinical Research Services

Clinical Research Services

We handle clinical trial logistics to streamline your studies for success

Because we work with cancer patients and oncology care teams every day, we see firsthand the increasing need for new oncology drugs. Thanks to our oncology-only focus, we’re also acutely tuned in not only to the cancer drug pipeline, but to the challenge of developing these kinds of therapies. So to help meet the needs of patients, Biologics meets the needs of researchers by providing Clinical Research Services for oncology studies.

We specialize in comprehensive clinical research support, designing services around your specific protocols. Whether you need us to manage clinical trial logistics, conduct post-marketing intervention, provide investigational pharmacy services or handle another aspect of your study, we free you to focus on what’s important: your compound and its potential.

What you can expect from our clinical research services

From rapid supply delivery to REMs compliance, we support you and your patients at every step.

 Turnkey investigational pharmacy solutions

  • We specialize in investigational pharmacy services and supply procurement, including placebos and over-encapsulated pills.
  • We design, produce and assemble patient kits with patient-specific labeling.
  • Our licensed clinical oncology professionals package and dispense all drugs to support safety.
  • We fulfill all oral, IV and self-injectable formulations to support all phases of development.

Clinical trial logistics and distribution

  • In all 50 states and Canada, we turn around orders in 24 hours or less.
  • We have international trial management and shipping capabilities.
  • We provide shipment tracking and confirmation.
  • Drug return accountability and destruction is guaranteed.

Customized accountability reporting

  • We offer 21 CFR Part 11-compliant management of study records, including accountability reports and patient and site enrollment data.
  • We send reports and order forms customized to your needs.
  • Our QA procedures include real-time reporting.

 Inventory management

  • Our secure, temperature- and humidity-controlled facility ensures drug integrity.
  • We establish and monitor drug minimums and maximums.
  • We have experience handling clinical trial materials that require ambient and cold storage.

Post-marketing interventional trials

  • We provide patient management and coordination to ensure retention and treatment adherence.
  • We support risk evaluation mitigation strategies (REMS) and post-marketing commitments, adhering to strict protocol requirements.